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Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is of high importance to most businesses as part of the backup process and with today’s technologies we can backup your servers to our offsite facility should the worst happen.

All businesses should have a backup strategy to make sure you can remain operational even when a major system failure occurs ensuring you have offline and external copies of your business critical data.

Key Features

  • Reliable backup or replication
  • De-duplication where possible
  • Safe guards your company operation
  • Robust DR planning
  • Minimises business down time
  • Secure off site solution
  • Insurer accredited

Disaster Recovery

Many organisations have specific DR systems in place to replicate data to an alternate location and/or provide a facility to re-establish operation of business critical systems from temporary locations. Colocation, Virtualization and Dedicated Hosting can enable such a solution, but there are also operations that can be performed in-house within your own premises to minimise expenditure on a disaster recovery strategy.

For more information about disaster recovery and how we can establish a good plan for your business, please contact us on 0845 077 8883 today.

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