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Ancar B’s Data Centre is specifically geared towards providing the ideal environment for critical network equipment. You will find the fastest and most reliable Internet connectivity available, optimum operating temperatures, power outage solutions and the highest level of security within Ancar B data centres.

Hosted SolutionsBusiness costs can be reduced using Hosted Solutions as a partly or fully outsourced service, allowing any business to focus on operations and not the IT infrastructure.

Hosted Solutions can be used for all types and sizes of business and works hand-in-hand with your current IT needs. We work alongside your operations to ensure the perfect Hosted Solution is in place to meet the absolute requirements of your business, now and in the future. By working in partnership, Ancar B can continue to deliver the best performance cost effectively.

Call us now on 0845 077 8883 to discuss how we can help your business with hosted solutions.


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