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Free Windows 10 Upgrade

Posted on by Nick Ryder
Free windows

Free Windows Upgrade The latest generation of Microsoft’s Windows operating system is set for release on Wednesday 29th July 2015 and they’re keen to encourage people to upgrade, by offering a free Windows upgrade incentive. However, people who are planning to upgrade should be aware of a couple of key points before they do. Namely; The […]

Line Bonding – Faster Internet

Posted on by Nick Ryder
Line bonding

Line Bonding – The Benefits Internet line bonding is an inexpensive way of increasing the speed, reliability and overall performance of your Internet connectivity. As technology advances and improves, more and more applications and services are moving to the cloud, which means that businesses are ever more reliant on their Internet connection. However, the available […]

Wakefield IT Support – Business critical assurance

Posted on by Nick Ryder
Wakefield IT Support

Wakefield IT Support Contracts As discussed on our main website, we offer Business Critical IT Support to customers in Wakefield, Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield and all over the Yorkshire region and beyond. We make sure that our clients operate again following a major system outages. Whether the problem relates to server hardware, network infrastructure or operating system failures, we always aim be […]

Batman Vs Superman

batman vs superman

Batman Vs Superman teaser trailer One of the most anticipated films of the year, or possibly the decade, Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is currently in post production and to date, we know very little about it other than knowing what it could look like based on a few still images which have been officially released […]

Microsoft Support – The end is near for Server 2003

Windows Server 2003 - End of life July 2015

On 14 July 2015, Microsoft support will be end for every version of Windows Server 2003/R2. Therefore, it is important to note what this means to your IT systems if you are still using one of these server operating systems! It is important to know that from this date, Microsoft support will not provide any patches […]

Password security – Ancar B’s top tips

Password Security

On average, every person who uses the Internet has around 30 user accounts set up, be it on-line banking, social networking, e-mail accounts, forums, e-buying sites etc. Therefore it is vitally important to have a strict and robust password policy at all times, as the internet becomes ever more popular, so does the threat of […]

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What type of Internet connection is right for you?

Internet Connection

In some ways, the Internet can be as important as actual staff members, as it is a vital (some would say ‘essential’) business tool. In the same way that businesses cannot operate without staff, the same is true (in most cases) of the Internet. Therefore, in order to ensure that a business runs effectively, it […]

Stop junk mail – what to look for

Spam Email

SPAM (Stupid, Pointless Annoying Messages) email is never welcome, ever. And even if you use the very best Anti-Spam software, chances are they will not stop junk email getting through entirely. Most of it is fairly harmless, but there are occasions when a SPAM email contains either a security risk, virus or even malicious software. More […]

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