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What type of Internet connection is right for you?

What type of Internet connection is right for you?

In some ways, the Internet can be as important as actual staff members, as it is a vital (some would say ‘essential’) business tool. In the same way that businesses cannot operate without staff, the same is true (in most cases) of the Internet. Therefore, in order to ensure that a business runs effectively, it […]

SPAM Email – the tell-tale signs

SPAM Email – the tell-tale signs

SPAM (Stupid, Pointless Annoying Messages) email is never welcome, ever. And even if you use the very best Anti-Spam software, chances are the odd one still gets through. Most of it is fairly harmless, but there are occasions when a SPAM email contains either a security risk, virus or even malicious software. More often than […]

Diagnosing an Internet fault

Diagnosing an Internet fault

It’s frustrating when your internet stops working, and the thought of having to report the fault to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can often add to the stress, having to wait in a call queue only to get through to a foreign call handler who ultimately work from a flow chat. Many ISP’s work from […]

Beware a Xmas Greeting from Tracy Smith!


Unfortunately not everyone is sending glad tidings this Xmas! It has come to our attention this afternoon, following calls from half a dozen of our customers, that there is a dangerous email circulating from a lady called Tracy Smith. To be more specific, we have had a number of customers contact us to say they […]

Wireless – the next generation


Millions of new wireless devices are activated every day and it’s no wonder— the average wireless user has 2.8 devices (I alone have a wireless router, a laptop and two tablets at home). It is forecasted the volume of application traffic used by these devices will overtake the total traffic on wired networks in 2014. Video […]

Windows 10 is coming!

Windows 10

Okay so what happened to Windows 9? Well after the disaster of Windows Vista and what seems to have been the unpopular Windows 8, Microsoft has skipped an edition of Windows i.e. Window 9 and moved straight to Windows 10 in a bid to distance the new operating system from any associated ‘baggage’. It is […]

Ancar B Free Service Upgrade!


As part of our commitment to providing first class IT Support to our customers we are extending the hours of our main Helpdesk Facility. We have been listening to your feedback and many customers  can’t wait until 9am to speak to us. Therefore we are now open to take calls from 8.00AM until 5.00PM Monday […]

There’s never been a better time to get Superfast Broadband!

Make sure your business becomes part of the Superconnected Cities

You may or may not be aware, but since December 2013 there has been a Voucher Connection Scheme available offering financial support of up to £3000 to businesses for the purchase of Superfast Internet connections. The scheme allows businesses to fund the purchase of Leased Line solutions offering a 20Mbps Downstream and Upstream uncontended connection, which […]

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