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Broadband Speed – How important is it?

broadband speed

Broadband Speed – The Importance of a Reliable Connection It goes without saying that the Internet in no longer an important business tool, but an ESSENTIAL one. Therefore, it would make sense to ensure that the reliability and Broadband speed is more than good enough for your businesses needs. The problem is, is that there are […]

Importing Email to Office 365


Importing Email to Office 365 Following a recent installation/migration on behalf of a client of ours, we have come across an anomaly with importing email to Office 365 from Exchange 2013 and 2016. Microsoft appear to have IMPOSED A LIMIT of 150MB on any emails (with attachments), which exceed this limit and when attempting to […]

Windows 7 flashing screen after Outlook update KB3097877

Windows 7 flashing screen

Windows 7 Flashing Screen Following Outlook Update Its well known that Windows Update KB3097877 from November 2015’s Patch Tuesday has caused major problems with Microsoft Outlook, causing the application to crash and affecting the reading of emails. However, more issues are being seen with gadget crashes, Windows sidebar issues and more… We have seen a […]

10 Gigabit Ethernet Switching Scenarios


In the last 18 months 10GbE Copper switching has become more popular. The barriers to adopting this technology namely 1) high pricing 2) high power consumption and 3) high latency challenges have been removed and manufacturers such as Netgear are producing breakthrough devices with the right balance of price vs performance. Allied to this, server […]

Malware Horrors at Halloween


As we approach Halloween, I thought it would a good time to catch up on the 5 common malware categories that have the potential to cause nightmares for your PC and Network. These aren’t the monsters you heard about in campfire stories. These monsters are after your and your customer’s money, personal information and resources. […]

Data Encryption for your business

Data Encryption

What would happen if your company data fell into your competitors hands? There is a new EU Data Protection Reform scheduled to come into force by the end of 2015: “The changes will have a huge bearing on businesses as far as information compliance is concerned; breached businesses will be forced to pay fines of up […]

Skype for Business problem Office 2016

Skype for Business

Skype for Business Problem I am all for progress and the Office 2016 suite looks to be achieving this based on my colleague’s Blog on Office 2016, but if you are a Skype for user please be aware of a potential Skype for Business problem. Apparently having upgraded to Office 2016, some Users are reporting Skype […]

How to Stream content to your TV

stream content to your tv

Stream content to your TV using the Internet Ever wondered how to stream content to your TV set from the Internet instead of having to watch it on your computer or laptop? Well here’s just about everything you need to know about how to stream content to your TV, without having to spend a fortune. […]

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